Known around Austin as the "curly hair guru", Ethan Shaw and his salon, Curly Hair Austin, specialize in working with the natural textures and tendencies of each individual's hair. Known for their abilities with curly hair, they work with every client (no matter the hair type) to develop a unique plan to make sure their hair is healthy, easy to style, and looking great!

Many years ago, Ethan was sent to New York for advanced training as a hairdressing instructor.  This was the height of the "flat iron era", soon after ceramic flat irons were all the rage.  Ethan and his fellow pupils were told by some of the greatest hairdressers in the world that the current state of hairdressing was a disaster, with everyone trying to pretend that every woman had silk-straight hair, and terribly damaging it in the process.  "The art of hairdressing--working with one's natural hair textures--had been lost," they said.

Ethan took that to heart, and set out to master the art of working with the natural beauty inherent in every woman's hair.

After years of experience, education with some of the top names in hairdressing, and lots of trial and error, Ethan developed his own unique system of approaching hairdressing.  He felt that the keys to beautiful hair are the health of the hair and working with its natural tendencies. He believed many women over-complicate their daily hair routine, when they could spend a minimal amount of time on their hair and have it come out better!  The stylists at Curly Hair Austin teach every new client how to approach her hair in a simple, effective way, achieving beautiful results easily.

After developing a 200+name waiting list, Ethan decided he needed to expand and take on an apprentice.   "For years, I'd wanted to share the knowledge and skills that I've built specializing in curly hair.  I knew I found a great fit in Kylie! She watched her mother struggle with curls all her life, and wanted to use the art of curly hairdressing to help people feel happy about their hair and know how to embrace its beauty."  Kylie embarked on an intensive apprenticeship with Ethan, and hundreds of curly haircuts later, is now also in demand as one of the top curl stylists in Austin. (Her mother is very happy now!)

The stylists at Curly Hair Austin are happy to have many happy beautiful clients trusting them with their hair! If YOU are ready to embrace the natural beauty of your hair, please contact Curly Hair Austin to schedule your appointment!