The following unsolicited reviews are taken directly from online reviews:

"Ethan gave me the BEST hair cut I've ever had! Take it from someone who has always had issues controlling, maintaining, and having trouble with breakage, this is your saving grace...My hair has never looked so good! ...Ethan was so pleasant to talk with and his salon is professional and quaint. His story of becoming a hair dresser (17+ years ago) is awesome.

"I am delighted with my Kylie cut at CHA! She knew just what to do to make my curls look great! This girl has talent."

"My hair was completely over-processed, dry, and limp. I have extremely course, thick hair that requires special care to look decent. This was by far the best hair cut I've ever received. Ethan is attentive and precise, ensuring each strand was cut in a way that would accentuate my natural curl. Extremely happy! Worth every penny!"

"Kylie was very friendly and helped me out on how to style my hair . I love how it looks now after the trim she gave it too!"

"Ethan makes my hair look a lot better than I can imagine. I get a fresh feel after our visits. He is definitely to be trusted to make you look your best. He is chill vibes and has a clean and nice salon. Thanks, Ethan!"

"Kylie gave me the trim of my dreams! I’m seriously considering commuting the 2.5 hours from my hometown for my next cut."

"I am always pleased with Ethan's haircuts of my wavy hair that I used to try to keep straight!!!  Now I just let it go and get so many compliments!"

"What can I say... Ethan is the best at cutting my 3C curls! Trying Kylie next! :)

“This was the best experience! I have been telling all my curly friends. I am learning to love my curls and they are making it easier”

"Ethan gave me an incredible cut yesterday and I am MORE than pleased! With fine, wavy-to-curly-to-frizzy hair depending on the climate, I can tell it will look and wear well with no effort on my part. Literally."

“Kylie is fantastic! Excellent hair cut and style and very patient and accommodating. Very professional and also very sweet “

"Ethan is simply an amazing hair stylist, in my book. He is laid back , and he listens. However, he also will very kindly and diplomatically tell you what he thinks will look best. For the longest time, I asked him to cut my hair shorter, even though he suggested otherwise. It turned out that he was right that my curl pattern looks better a touch longer. He cut my hair for years and always gave me the very best cut I had ever had. He is also very talented with color, too, and gave me a natural look to color my gray. He always takes a lot of time and makes sure he gets it right. I can't recommend him highly enough for curly-haired people."

"Well, I'm pretty excited about this find. I searched for curly hair stylists in Austin and came to this posting so thought I'd give Ethan a try. This is the first time in awhile that I love my haircut. Not only that, but I've been styling my curly hair for years, and somehow he still managed to show me a new way to wash, apply product, scrunch and dry."

"Ethan's a keeper in my book. After many, many years, I've finally found a stylist that improves my style and consistently makes my hair look better than I thought it could. I've been to Ethan 4-5 times in the last two years, which is a lot for me. Before Ethan I was reluctant to go to a stylist even once a year. It's so nice to walk out and not have to immediately put my hair in a ponytail because of an awkward cut or super shrunken curls. There are a number of excellent curly hair stylists in Austin, and I've tried a few, but for me Ethan is the only one that can deliver the whole package consistently and that is to give me a great cut, color (when I splurge) and style that fits me and my lifestyle. He also uses Deva products and AG re:coil, which I do too. And now rather than getting looks of pity for my unruly hair, strangers will ask me who my stylist is or what products I use."

"What I like best about Ethan is his ability to assess your hair type, your facial features and your lifestyle and make recommendations about the most flattering way to cut your hair. One cautionary note -- Ethan uses a minimum of style products and is not going 'style' your hair, but if you want a great cut that will do your curls justice, flatter your face, and complement your lifestyle -- this is your stylist!"

"I found Ethan on this web site a year ago when the hairstylist I had used for 10 yrs. quit, leaving me with no one to go to and a huge family function one month away. I was in a panic, but Ethan gave me the best cut and color of my life. He spent a lot of time with me showing me how to use the hair products correctly to get the most out of my curls. He also fixed the tacky highlights left in my hair from my previous hairstylist. He books up 2 months in advance so you need to make an appt. when you're checking out. "

"I just received one of the best haircuts of my life by a man who knows his way around curls. I had very long hair when I went in and a pretty good idea of how I wanted it to look coming out. I brought in a photo, gave a description of what I wanted (short with layers below eye level) and he not only listened to me but gave me good advice on how to make the cut work for my face and curl level. Ethan does a mixture of wet and dry cutting, meaning he is not satisfied until each curl is perfect."

"Ethan gave me my first edgy haircut. I love it. It gave my limp, wavy hair volume and life."

"I rarely get my hair cut. But when it was time, I knew exactly who I wanted to see. Ethan is a genius. He does a mix of wet and dry cutting, and spends lots of time shaping your hair perfectly. Plus, he's just as pleasant as can be."

"I am a curly who doesn't get my hair cut very often. I snip at my curls occasionally just to get by. I decided to get a real haircut and went to Ethan. He gave me one of the best haircuts that I have ever had. He made my curls more curly and didn't cut them too short. He cuts dry and wet. He really took the time to work with the way my curls fall and the texture of my hair. He is also is a super styler. His product knowledge and the way he dried my hair was just perfect. It was one of the few times that I walked out of a salon and didn't go straight home to rescue a curly hair disaster. I am thrilled!"

"Ethan is the curly hair specialist in Austin. He always understands exactly what I want in a style and he always does a fantastic job. He has been my stylist for six years and he exceeds my expectations every time. I never end up with mushroom head (if you have curly hair you absolutely know what this is) and he recommends the perfect products, but doesn't try to oversell. I am always being complimented on my hair, and I always recommend Ethan."

"I had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Ethan Shaw on Friday the 13th of all days. Whoever said this is an unlucky day never got their hair cut with Ethan on this day! He is wonderful, plain and simple. He took the time to really look at and play with my hair before the cut and explained to me what he thought should be done. He then washed it and did the initial shaping while wet, then dried it with re:coil (he asked me what styling product I have and love and used that!) and then dried it. Then he cut each curl! Wow! He didn't pull out any magic hairdresser tricks and asked me how I normally style my hair (which I don't) so he did that. He took into account my very busy life and gave me a beautiful, easy, do-able cut. He is a very nice guy to boot! I will definitely be going back to him! We are so lucky to have him in Austin, curlygirls!"

"I had a great experience with Ethan. He really talked to me about my type of hair, and what would be the best products to use. He is the best curly cut I have had in the 7 years of living in Austin, TX. I usually have to go home and restyle my hair, but I left looking fabulous! If you want someone who really knows curls of all sorts Ethan is the man!"

"Over the years my semi straight hair has been getting curlier and curlier. Frustrated at trying to straighten my hair all the time (it would take at least an hour since I have A LOT of hair), I finally decided to go with the natural curl. The stylist I was seeing was no longer working out for me. I finally went to Ethan after a friend recommended him and WOW. The cut is great and he recommended some styling products for my hair so now it only takes me minutes in the morning to style my hair and it does not frizz in the middle of the day. I tried going back to my old stylist and hated it, I am now back with Ethan and loving my hair."

"Recently, my straight hair became curly. I didn't really know what to do with it. Ethan gave me a haircut that complimented my new texture and looks great! "